Kim martorano

Hello! I'm Kim, and I am running for Des Moines School Board District 1

We’ve been through quite a year, and it’s been an honor to serve our students, schools, and community. Support me in my goal to continue to make a difference on the DMPS School Board. Partner with me to advocate for improved student outcomes.

Kim Martorano

Vote Kim Martorano for Des Moines School Board November 2nd!

Advocating for a collaborative and transparent approach to improving student outcomes for each student


Holding crucial conversations to advance student achievement
Upholding safety standards for all students, teachers, and staff


Prepared to vote with integrity utilizing experience as an educator, data analyst, governance coach, and DMPS board member


Ensuring all stakeholders are welcome and have an equal voice

Continued focus on:

Improving student outcomes

  • Ensuring alignment of resources toward achievement of critical student outcome goals
  • Driving student-focused policies

Ensuring a focus on equitable treatment for each student

  • Advancing the importance of anti-racist systems to create access and ensure marginalized students are supported for success.

Representing a diverse educational community

  • Collaborating consistently with all students, parents, teachers, staff and community to inform recommendations, decisions, and future actions.
  • Engaging with the community in a way that fosters dialogue representative of all stakeholders.

Dedicated to Des Moines

Teaching and learning has been Kim’s passion for over 20 years. Her tireless dedication to educating others began in high school when she was asked to mentor freshmen students in the technology department. She had a teacher that saw something in her and encouraged her to teach. During this learning opportunity, it didn’t take her long to realize that helping others was her mission in life. This kickstarted her career in education.

director of district 1
des moines public school board

Kim would be honored to continue serving Des Moines' students, schools, and community.

Information System Specialist
Johnston Community School District

Kim’s work in data has empowered her with the tools needed to think critically about data, and ask courageous questions to problem solve challenges facing schools.

superintendent guardrails
the 5 Proposed guardrails

Kim, Dwana, and Kelli have written and proposed Guardrails that will provide structure to improve DMPS in areas such as anti-racism, social emotional learning, and community collaboration. Guardrails will become a part of the system of accountability for the Superintendent.

Thank you for voting for me November 2, 2021

–– Kim Martorano

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