"I live and work in Des Moines and my kids attend DMPS. I feel strongly that we need Kim on the Board. Kim brings a very important skill set in understanding data- how it’s gathered, how to analyze it, and most importantly, how to ask the right questions. The Board’s job is to monitor the work of our school district. Kim puts in the time and energy to this work ensuring my kids, and more importantly ALL kids, have access to the best education."
Amber Graeber, Instructional Coach at Roosevelt and DMPS Parent
"After this election, experience on the DMPS school board will be in short supply—having just one member (Teree Caldwell Johnson) serving more than one term. Kim Martorano volunteered to serve the remainder of the District 1 term with Heather Anderson’s departure for an assignment in Japan. Now, after experiencing a service full of distractions, Kim is presenting herself to serve the remainder of the four year term. During her service, I have observed that Kim knows the difference between distractions and governing. She takes her job seriously demonstrating the importance of remaining focused on being accountable for improving student outcomes. Her experiences in the classroom and in data analysis serves the board well in governing the district. Please join me in voting for Kim on Nov. 2."
Dick Murphy, Former DMPS Board Member (2004-2012)
"I've kept in close contact with Kim over the last year as I advocated at the state legislature for our public schools, and I strongly support her re-election in District 1. She has proven that she's eager to listen to all input while keeping her focus on what's best for kids. That's exactly what I want in a school board member!"
Louisa Dykstra, DMPS Parent
"I support Kim as District 1 Director for the DMPS School Board and I trust her leadership. She is a dedicated, tireless advocate for all students and will continue to provide the solid, strong, informed leadership our district needs. Kim is the connection between discussion and action the board needs as our district moves toward the future."
Betsy Mitchell, Des Moines Parent
"When I think of the future board of the Des Moines Public Schools, I see a group of people bringing their skills to help Des Moines students. Kim has the ability to analyze data. As one school board member pointed out to me, ‘Kim’s skills are something that no one else on the board has the ability to read data and ask tough questions of the data.’ Ray and I support Kim because of her unique skill set and willingness to work with her fellow board members."
Carrie (TRHS ‘84) and Ray (TRHS ‘76) Bening
"After the very first time I spoke at a board meeting, Kim sent me a response email within minutes which let me know she listens, she cares, and she wants to do what she can to help each and every student and staff member succeed in the district and beyond. I wish this was true of every board member. I know it’s true of Kim.”
Current DMPS Teacher
"For those who are voting in the DMPS school board elections please consider Kimberly Martorano I know that she has the kids and teachers in mind to continue moving DMPS in the right direction! She is a servant leader and started her career in education! Vote Kim on November 2nd!"
Ryan Dixon, Teacher
"We believe in Kim and her drive towards improving student outcomes, advocating for in-person learning, and strict oversight of the Superintendent. Please join us in voting for Kim Martorano on November 2nd."
Mark & Christy Joyce, DMPS Parents
Christy teaches 1st grade in the district
"I support Kim for DMPS school board because she is highly qualified and a relentless advocate for our teachers and students. She has always been open and honest in her communications with me and she is not afraid to speak up. I trust that her decisions are in the best interest of our district as a whole. She is also just a great human being!"
Jen Speers, DMPS Parent
"Kim operates with integrity and transparency. She is accessible, approachable, and forthright. It is clear that Kim is a thoughtful decision maker and that is something we greatly appreciate in an elected official - especially one whose decisions impact children. Join us in supporting Kim Martorano for DMPS School Board District 1 on Nov. 2."
Adam Claypool, DMPS Parent & Community Football Coach
"As a Des Moines parent, I wholeheartedly endorse Kim Martorano for our school board! Kim consistently voted to keep schools safe and open and worked tirelessly to make sure that every child in Des Moines had the opportunity to learn. Kim is passionate about our kids and brings an incredible light and energy to all she does. The world needs more Kims!"
Dr. Tiffani Heininger, Des Moines Parent
"Kim exudes kindness and compassion in everything she does, but she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in– especially when it comes to improving outcomes for EVERY student. Her dedication knows no bounds, and I could not be more confident in my support for Kim and the incredible amount of knowledge, experience, and heart she brings to the table."
Bree Sahrmann, Parent & Friend
"Kim has the experience, passion, motivation and dedication necessary to restore Des Moines Public Schools to the level of excellence they used to enjoy. Please join me in returning Kim to the DMPS school board so she can continue her tireless advocacy for our students!"
Craig Ibsen, DMPS Parent
“I do not currently have children, but when I do, I hope that my school board representatives will be as sincere, hardworking and truly caring for future outcomes of my children in their education and in life. I trust her to the full extent and appreciate the work she puts in. I am so proud of her and can’t thank her enough for the hours she volunteers.”
Jenn State, Friend
"Kim has a passion for students and what's best for them. She is fierce, loyal, and caring and tackles everything she does with driving enthusiasm. She can also sing any song from Hamilton at will."
Courtnee Carstens, Parent & Friend

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